For more than 40 years, Tricots St Raphael has been a Men’s sportswear brand with a well-earned reputation for innovative luxury and sophistication.

The brand was founded by world renowned Belgium designer Cecile Platovsky and her uncanny knack for combining distinctive patterns with a rich harmony of colors carries through the collection today.

The genesis for the brand took place in 1974 while Platovsky was in-residence at the St. Raphael Hotel in Montevideo, where after a meeting with a family friend who agreed to help manufacture her inaugural menswear samples, Tricots (French for knitwear) St. Raphael was born!

Soon after designing her initial collection, she brought a few samples to New York and was immediately granted entry to a menswear fashion show taking place that week. During that show, Neiman Marcus was enthralled with the collection and gave Cecile her first order, officially putting Tricots on the map.



Tricots St. Raphael still believes, as it did in 1974, in creating products for the discerning gentlemen who wants to find the menswear sweet spot between contemporary-traditional and dressy-casual; a space we call modern business casual.

The brand was purchased in 2012 by Bernette Textile, a family owned company who has produced high quality men’s knits and sweaters since 1942. That deep rooted history and experience in menswear made them the perfect option to continue Tricot’s heritage while positioning it for future growth.

Today’s Tricot collection of sweaters, knits, flannels and outerwear continues to embody the spirit of relaxed elegance that the brand has been known for more than 40 years and can be found nationwide at department stores, better off-price retailers and online.